• Video Production for Professional Speakers

    Use video to help you win more speaking engagements.

  • Video Production for Stand-Up Comedians

    Build your brand online with professional video of your sets and crowd work…

  • Restaurant Video Production & Food Photography

    Great food will drive more customers into your restaurant, professional video and photography will remind them of how good it is online via social media…

  • Tactical Product Video Production

    Create stories and brand identify around your products with professional video production…

  • Live Events Video Production

    If you’re going to host live events, then you’ll want to share those awesome moments with your audience after it ends…

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Every business needs a marketing video...

Hola, I'm George

I’m a videographer and photographer
that specializes in
creating marketing content
for businesses,
and Stand-up Comedians….

What kind of a marketing video or photography do you need?

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