Andrew Shulz, Joe Rogan, Tim Dillon, Bert Kreischer, Adam Ray, David Lucus, and so many more great comedians are all strategically using video on social media and YouTube to help them build enormous online audiences.

With an audience of raving and loving fans that love your brand of comedy, a stand up comedian today can create their own empire.

In this series of articles, podcasts, and videos I’m going to break down everything you need to record and edit stand up comedy so that you can start on your journey to build your own empire.

Who is this material intended for: You may be a stand up comic, or a videographer (like me) who wants to learn how to do this.

Here is the beautiful thing about today, technology has made it possible for anyone to produce professional video content with any size of budget.

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for hollywood production company for this, you just need to know the basics of video production and how to properly use and get the most out of the gear you have to work with.

There is a lot to cover so lets start first with the strategy.

One of the cornerstone pieces of content you can produce as a standup is your entire set.

Once recorded you need some strategery to figure out how you’ll use it online.

Video Strategy No. 1: Build your online audience with short pieces of video content…

Cut up your set into bite size little chunks for distribution on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

The pieces you use can be crowd work or bits. Crowd work is some of the best to use because you won’t have to “burn” a lot of your bits online.

To see an example of this check out this video from Stavros Halkias. He does a bang up job of this….

These small bits give you the ammunition needed to consistently post content online and build your audience.

I believe one of the best at doing this is Andrew Shulz. He really has created the digital marketing blueprint for any comedian to follow: Use crowd work bits to post online, build audience, couple this with a great podcast, plus some skits, and POW you are a rockstar.

WARNING: This is hard work, it takes a long time, and it costs money.

Nothing great is created overnight, this will be a grind.

Here is another piece of content that we filmed for Adam Ray, this is crowd work at its highest form.

Video Strategy No. 2: Deliver your full stand up as a Special on YouTube or behind a paywall…

Film your set and turn it into a special without using a streamer like Netflix.

This is Strategy No. 2, and it can’t work without strategy No. 1 being implemented first, because you need the audience.

Once you have an audience you can begin to find ways to monetize them, I know it sounds dirty but it’s not, as long as, your delivering great content/value to them.

Ways to monetize your special:

  • If you post it on YouTube you can gain AdSense Revenue
  • Product Sponsor: You can promote a product to the viewers of the special. You can see an example of this in Jim Breuer’s special that we filmed below in San Diego.
  • Sell it directly as Video on Demand/Paywall. Andrew Shulz recently did this when he bought back his special from a streamer and then put it out himself and sold it directly to his audience. Louie CK also has done this.

Below is the Jim Breuer Special we shot for him in San Diego. Jim has a product sponsor and AdSense for revenue generators.

Below is the trailer for Andrew Shulz Special that he released himself. He sold it direct to his audience online.

How to Film a Stand Up Comedy Show (Part 2)

We covered the strategy portion first because you have to know WHY you’re doing this and to what end. There is a lot of time, money, and hard work that go into filming stand up comedy, it’s no joke!

Now we are ready for Part 2, where we will cover Video and Audio topics for filming stand up comedy.

Part 2 is COMING SOON!

Additional Resources

There is not a lot of resources online for how to film stand up comedy, but I would this video on YouTube that is worth sharing.

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